Want to know
When to start a new business? When to start a new business?
When to close a successful deal? When to close a successful deal?
What day to set a wedding date? What day to set a wedding date?
Your personal calendar with favorable, unfavorable, and neutral days based on your date of birth, and other useful information that will help you live a successful, happy, harmonious life.
About Calenergy app
What if we tell you that your date of birth is a code that not only tells a lot about you, but also stores information about how you can live a prosperous, fulfilling life in harmony with yourself and others?
There are several parameters that make us who we are:
Our beliefs, attitudes, traditions
Our beliefs, attitudes, traditions
Everything that has been imposed on us by society, our family, background, and our experience of the past
Our matrix
Our matrix
All the energies and their combinations that we come with to this world
All numbers in our date of birth
Our mission
Our mission
It’s how we operate to get what our ego wants
Becomes fully activated by the age of 33 (the sum of all numbers in the date of birth)
Our consciousness number
Our consciousness number
It’s what our ego wants and how we perceive this world
The day of our birth, e.g 18th, 3d or 7th
CALENERGY is a handy calendar app that tells you which energies and planets are affecting us in general and you personally.
It is said that information is power, so when you know the energy of the day, month, or year, you can make informed decisions and lead a successful, prosperous life.